NTFS permission

S H A N A F mohdshanaf at gmail.com
Sat Aug 12 08:43:44 GMT 2006


         Recently i have installed a samba file server which is
authenticating Active directory users through winbind. everything is working
fine,like domain users can accesss the directory, they can create the
folders ( which will be owned in their names )

                         when a user creating a folder or directory in the
samba folder , from a windows XP client PC, default permissions are set as
per my need, and the listed users with access for that file or folder are

1. administrator
2. user
3. everyone
                       the user can change the permission for only these
users, if he/she need to assign another user with some permission from a win
xp , he cant. its showing an error " user dont have permission on the share"

why is it like this,  please give me a solution, my file server is of no use
with this. do i haev to go back for my old windows file server.

Thanks in advance for the help

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