Query path info on folders beyond DFS links ...

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu Aug 10 16:44:55 GMT 2006

On Thu, Aug 10, 2006 at 12:17:32PM -0400, Pratik Rana wrote:
> Hi all,
>             When smbd receives a request such as Query path info on say
> "\\server\share\folder1\folder2\folder3"  and there is dfs link
> setup at \\server\share <file:///\\server\share>  -> \\server1\share1
> <file:///\\server1\share1> , the resolve_dfspath code seems to just peek
> into last 2 components to check if they are msdfs links. In this the
> last 2 components are not links. So instead of returning
> path_not_covered it returns path_not_found  error for folder3. 
> The Dfs client then does not attempt to do a get_dfs_referral(). Is this
> a bug? I tried this with native Dfs server and it works fine i.e. the
> server

The unix_convert() call in resolve_dfs_path() should walk the
given path and should fail at the correct point - ie. all we
have to do to fix this is to capture the last failed componnet
(where we currently pass in 0, we need to pass in the a pointer
to a pstring and then use this as the path to examine in the
failed case...

Should be a quick fix - give me an hour or so....


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