Query path info on folders beyond DFS links ...

Pratik Rana prana at packeteer.com
Thu Aug 10 16:17:32 GMT 2006

Hi all,

            When smbd receives a request such as Query path info on say
"\\server\share\folder1\folder2\folder3"  and there is dfs link

setup at \\server\share <file:///\\server\share>  -> \\server1\share1
<file:///\\server1\share1> , the resolve_dfspath code seems to just peek
into last 2 components to check if they are msdfs links. In this the
last 2 components are not links. So instead of returning
path_not_covered it returns path_not_found  error for folder3. 

The Dfs client then does not attempt to do a get_dfs_referral(). Is this
a bug? I tried this with native Dfs server and it works fine i.e. the

returns correct error code.


I tried, in vain, to look through the archives and google a bit to find
any known issue. Also samba 3.0 seems to have the same code. In my
company samba (smbd) is run as one of the components and we rely on dfs
for good end-user experience. 


I'll be obliged if you can answer the question. If this is a bug then we
can fix it. 




Packeteer Inc.


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