Fw: Patch for accessing smbconf via registry rpc interface

Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
Wed Aug 9 15:38:18 GMT 2006

Chetan (csd on irc) has been working on this patch, which is just a proof 
of concept for accessing smb.conf via the registry.  Right now it's just 
reading it, so configuration storage is not an issue in this code.

Here's his doc:


Comments anyone? 

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To create a rpc link to the smb.conf

To make it accessible to view and update externally via Samba

Current implementation:
Allows view only access and lists the services a.k.a shares of Samba as subkeys in following manner 

		-- global
		-- local
			-- share1
			-- share2

The parameters and their values corresspond to the "value name" and "value data" of the strange 
windows registry naming conventions.

Command to access the services :
./net rpc registry enumerate ""\\HKLM\\System\\Smbconf\\local" -Uusername%password

Command to access the parameters of a service :
./net rpc registry enumerate ""\\HKLM\\System\\Smbconf\\local\\servicename" -Uusername%password

The net command used above is the one in latest samba3.

Work ongoing:
1. To create basic "write" functions for the smbconf rpc interface. 

To Do later:
* Implement secure access to the smb.conf subkeys ( registry interface ).
* Registry utility functions which also take care of the internationalization issues.

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