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Wilco Baan Hofman wilco at baanhofman.nl
Tue Aug 8 15:23:57 GMT 2006

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Oops. Wrong list, my bad. should've been pdbsql-devel list :)

Wilco Baan Hofman wrote:

> Hey developers,
> It seems the pdbsql-users list is finally getting some activity
> (which is very good).
> However, I think this list should also be available to
> non-subscribers, like: if you have a problem you just send a mail
> to the list and do not get spammed by problems of others and you
> only have to CC the sender if you want to respond to his problem.
> This is how the samba lists works.
> This does not really estabilish an active community of users so it
> is open for discussion. I value your opinions on this.
> Regards,
> Wilco
> P.S. Florian: I frequently get spammed about an approval of
> something on the list, but I don't have the list password. Two
> options: either turn off the mails or make sure I know the list
> password, your choice ;-)
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