valid users again

Keith Farrar farrar at
Mon Aug 7 00:49:33 GMT 2006

The option is useful for shares beyond home directories. We have some
shared project shares and document distribution shares (e.g. budget
reports) which should be visible to a small subset of the authenticated
users in a domain.

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I always thought this was a weird option, prone to breakage.  Why not
> add a 'private homedirs' option, which could even be on by default
> (getting rid of the magic 'games' share people stumble over, that this
> configuration is designed to control).
> That option would not be prone to string configuration, but just to 'on
> session setup, when we did a getpwnam() on this user, what home
> directory did we get'.
> Andrew Bartlett

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