another patches for net_ads.c

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Thu Aug 3 15:04:02 GMT 2006

On 8/3/06, Michael Adam <ma at> wrote:
> As a first step I changed all the DEBUG calls in
> utils/net_ads.c into d_printf calls, since my feeling
> was that the stuff that is output from the commandline
> utility directly should not be clobbered with the
> debug headers.
> Any opinions about this?

I'm mixed on this.  I like some of what you've done here, but I think it's
still useful to have debug in there.  I do agree with eliminating _all_ of
the 0-level debugs from here.  Those should be displayed directly.  I do
think there is a reason to have some debug statements, but it looks like
most of what you've changed over is reasonable command output.  I really
don't like when net fails but doesn't say anything, so these changes are a

However, I think rather than the CHECKDEBUG macro, we should really decide
instead whether it's the kind of error that should always be displayed in
stdout, or one that we want to pick up in stderr through DEBUG.  I was first
going to say that these messages should be in stderr, but I really like
being able to separate the DEBUG output, and so those should go to stderr.
The other option is that we could clutter things up even more and put in a
--verbose option, which I'm not really fond of in this case anyway.

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