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Thu Aug 3 07:01:21 GMT 2006

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Volker Lendecke schrieb:
> Hi!
> Attached find a trivial wrapper around tdb that might make
> multi-indexed tdb files sane.
> The idea is that for the modifying functions you provide a
> callback function that creates a list of index strings out
> of a record. Thanks to Jeremy for this good idea, I had
> something more complicated in mind.
> The tdb_multindex.c lib creates a random primary key for you
> and sets the index records to that primary key under a tdb
> transaction. That's basically the whole idea.
> What's missing is tdb_reindex and tdb_traverse_indexed

Hi Volker,

I had a simular idea:-)

I thought about having a separate hash array different
subkeys, (the idea a virtuel named databases)
so that the traverse call would not need to go through
all records and filter out the wrong ones. Instead
a traverse call would only go through the correct records.

This would also be very useful for implementing ldb partitions
and ldb indexes for the whole tree, the partition and a container.

But your version looks good, and seems very simple.

Maybe a private pointer to the index fn would be useful,
so that the caller could pass a struct to it,
otherwise the index fn need to parse the TDB_DATA blob.

Also a magic version key would be good, so that the file
and be easy identified as a tdb with multiple indexes.

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