DCOM status

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at vernstok.nl
Tue Aug 1 14:41:28 GMT 2006

AH wrote:
> Could someone tell what is the current status of DCOM interface in 
> samba4?
> I am interested in the part of DCOM allowing access to objects on Win 
> machines from samba, especially WMI.
> If writing neccesary idl files will be enough? Or there should be 
> additional work?
I've abandoned the effort to add DCOM support in Samba 4. From my 
original announcement:

Remove the COM management code - DCOM should be 
based on Mono and its' COM support and utilize Samba's DCE/RPC + ORPC code 
instead of having our own COM implementation in Samba, which is too much 
work to implement and harder to code (C).

This only removes some of the code that I started working on to implement 
the bits of COM I thought were needed to support DCOM from just Samba. This 
code has never functioned properly, contains a couple of nasty hacks and 
there should be no reason to pick it up again later, the processes are all 
documented in the DCOM whitepaper.

This does NOT remove the marshalling code for the ORPC code or the torture 
code that tested some of the ORPC code.



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