looking for more project ideas

davecb at spamcop.net davecb at spamcop.net
Thu Apr 27 14:44:29 GMT 2006

Jerry Carter wrote:
> We have a list of project ideas for Summer of Code up
> at http://www.samba.org/samba/projects/summercode06.html
> Please send me any additional ideas that you have in a
> a one paragraph summary.  Projects should have a defined
> beginning and termination so that we can measure a students
> progress and success.

  One thing that I looked at early in Samba 3 was to thoroughly
cross check parameters for self-consistancy. For example, if
create mask is set to mask out the execute bits, and the map
system, hidden or archive options are set, the latter
will fail silently.
  I have a list of about twenty things to check for.


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