vfs_handle_struct->data usage

Jiri Klouda jk at zg.cz
Tue Apr 25 04:43:20 GMT 2006

Hi Junji,

> By the way the output messages generated by full_audit look
> like formatted in some manner that tokens are separated with
> '|'(pipe). Is it designed for some parser that's already been
> used somewhere?
> I'd like to have output messages more readable form like:
> smbd_audit: opendir("My Document"): result="success" user="nobody"
> host= ...

Audit logs are usually quite large and with this method you will
increase their size by some 40% of dead weight. While you could
have a simple perl script filter to display them just as you like:

 while(<>) {
  printf <<EOS, split /\|/;
smbd_audit: %s(%s): result="%s" user="%s" host="%s"


Jiri Klouda <jk at zg.cz>
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