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Love lha at
Mon Apr 24 21:10:41 GMT 2006

Michael B Allen <mba2000 at> writes:

> 100 Mexican dinars says MS's implementation ends up being the "standard"
> regardless of what the Kerberos illuminati think. MS could have chosen not
> to hijack GeneralString but I suppose we should be happy they used UTF-8.

Kerberos extentions will happen for other reasons, but until extentions
happen, microsoft have not really any chance other "hijacking"
GeneralString.  Its hardly Microsofts fault that krb-wg moves with the
speed of a snail.  GeneralString in theory supports i18n, but not really
because of iso brokenness.

I'm sure the krb-wg will wellcome any help from you to make sure kerberos
extentions happen faster.


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