Samba restars all the time with XP or another issue

Marcelo Schiavo schimnet at
Mon Apr 24 14:42:23 GMT 2006

Hi all, we need your help.

We using samba since 1997 and now 2006 we having a large trouble during 2 
months on samba service resets, we trying to find what is the root cause on 
that and not success until now.... but sure we will find with your help!

We are usin now:
Slackware 10.2, samba-3.022, OpenLdap2.3.19, CUPS, Win clients Win98,2000 
and XP.
I think this problems starts since version 3.022 and them we upgrade till 
3.022, upgrade server, switch, nobreak.

We notice that problem starts since our XP clients are growing and them a 
large number of hungs on samba service are happening.

When user try a UNC conection from win clients like: \\server\patch and user 
has a wrong password or credentials and the user has no access on that UNC 
(SHARE), XP still trying that conection for a long time and on the samba 
side it stay answering that, but of course never goes true it, but looks a 
nice DDOS, but I dont know if it is a DDOS.

We already did a script to restart the service every time it hangs, of 
course it not a nice idea, and we looking for a possible reason to that 

One curiosity after a hung, samba hungs every 30s for 4 times or more.... 
until another cicle.

Today´s actions:

- Our XP workstations are with service pack 2 and the last update from 
Microsoft Patchs;
- We are populating a Level 3 samba log to research;
- We installing a TCP-DUMP to research.

We starting all of this today, do you have any suggestion ot tip soh you 
could find this trouble?

Thanks a lot attention you spent to us.

Best Regards,

Marcelo Schiavo
marcelo.schiavo at
Celular +55 11 8359-3343

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