New VFS Module

Daniele Cisamolo daniele.cisamolo at
Thu Apr 20 07:38:22 GMT 2006

I'm an italian student. I have read the Samba Howto, Chapter 22,
Stackable VFS modules and the Samba Developers Guide chapter 10.
I also gave a look to the the examples/ directory in the Samba 3
tarball but, maybe, they are quite difficult for me.
I'm tryng to write a new my-VFS module. In this module I'd like to
intercept the samba-call "write" to files in a particolar share: for
every file that was modified in the share I want to run a script.
In particular: in this share there are some files, suppose some .doc
files. When a user connect to the share and modify a document I'd like
samba to run a script. The
script is the sameone present in the Samba Howto creating shadow-copies.
I'd like to have a complete example to start from
(maybe an example of how to add a module that print "Hello World" when
a user access a share or modify a file).

Can you give me some help or something to read about?
I know my question is quite insignificant and you don't have time to
answer to me, but I don't have no other to ask.

Thanks in any case and sorry for my english


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