patch for clidfs.c: pre-solution for " Unable to follow dfs referral "

Nicholas N. nucke at
Fri Apr 14 14:34:36 GMT 2006

Hello Jerry,

There is some usage issues that i've encountered during interaction with our 
dfs-server (Server 2003 5.2)
It doesn't permit delete/rename operations in dfs-sub-shares if service_name passed to smbclient doesn't include sub-share-folder, e.g.:

If we have share //fileserver/mega_share/Users/userName
smbclient //fileserver/mega_share -S on -U userName ... some other options
smb: \> cd Users/userName
smb: \> 
now any command (including 'put') except rm/rename will work
rm/rename will fail with NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

smbclient //fileserver/mega_share/Users/userName -S on -U userNmae ... some other options
smb: \> cd Users/userName
smb: \> 
now rm/rename commands will work also
but You're can't do anything in upper level directories

It seems like some sort of security restrictions applied during dfs-dereferencing.

Nicholas L. Nigay

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