patch for clidfs.c: pre-solution for " Unable to follow dfs referral "

Nicholas N. nucke at
Fri Apr 14 11:45:15 GMT 2006


There is a patch for clidfs.c (3.0.22) that should solve following problem:

Seems there is an error in split_dfs_path() that causes string like 
to be splitted into server=server/some_share/some_path1 and share=some_path.

That causes a "Unable to follow dfs referral" problem during 
connection to complex dfs-root sub-shares.

Now, if You need to connect to dfs-share like //server/some_share/some_path1/some_path
You should do following
smbclient /server/some_share -S on .... use Your options here
smb: \> cd some_path1/some_path
Now everything should work... At least it works for me.

Unfortunatelly i couldn't figure out how to make 'cd some_path1/some_path' by default only by making changes inside clidfs.c

If You need any connectivity to (complex) dfs-share placed on Win2xxx and 
You was stopped by "Unable to follow dfs referral" 
then this patch is for You.... hope, it would help.

Be advised, i've only tested smbclient. No other programs has been tested.

Nicholas L. Nigay

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