Performance Differences Between Samba Version

Gruher, Joseph R joseph.r.gruher at
Tue Apr 11 22:30:35 GMT 2006



We've been doing some performance testing with an xscale NAS appliance
running the 2.6.10 Linux kernel and various versions of Samba (all other
software components remain stable while we change Samba versions).  We
see some pretty substantial performance variation between different
versions.  Is this known or expected?  Any thoughts on what could cause
the performance variation?




Linux Kernel 2.6.10

64K SEQ Writes

64K SEQ Reads

Samba 3.0.20rc2

13.2 MBps

15.0 MBps

Samba 3.0.14

Note: Samba 3.0.14 is no longer available for download from the web

15.4 MBps

16.3 MBps

Samba 3.0.21b 

Note: Samba 3.0.21b is the latest stable SAMBA available on the web


< 10 MBps


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