directory path info in vfs readdir

Philip de Nier philip.denier at
Mon Apr 10 09:04:38 GMT 2006

At 04:41 09/04/2006, Jiri Klouda wrote:
>Hi Philip,
>you don't need to use the SMB_STRUCT_DIR structure, if you
>override all the directory calls (opendir/readdir/closedir/
>seekdir/telldir). Samba does not care so much about the
>structure in that case. I for example have a custom structure
>that also has a database result handle. And it works fine.
>So you can make a custom structure in opendir that you return
>typed as (DIR *) and then retype the pointer back in readdir
>to extract the values you need from it. For example the path
>that you can set at the opendir time when it is available.
>I hope this helps. I am working on a full opaque module now
>that will serve as a good example for this.

Great, thanks. That should solve my problem.


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