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tridge at tridge at
Sun Apr 9 09:20:40 GMT 2006


 > Some months ago there was a discussion to possibly remove
 > smbwrapper completely. I think I remember an argument that
 > glibc changes made it impossible to work at all.

The changes to the weak function bindings made it more difficult on
Linux, but still possible on other platforms. I think Timur is not
working on Linux (I seem to remember him mentioning FreeBSD?).

 > Do you remember what changes that are? At that time I could
 > not find any reference.

If I remember correctly, the glibc change meant that when you replace,
for example, open() in a LD_PRELOAD it doesn't replace the call to
open() inside fopen(). So that means you have to replace a lot more
functions. I just wrote a quick test and that still seems to be the

It doesn't make smbwrapper impossible, but it does make it much

The other problem with smbwrapper is maintainence. It is by its nature
something that breaks a lot, and really needs someone to give it a lot
of TLC. If we can't find someone to maintain it then maybe its better
off being removed.

Cheers, Tridge

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