Samba4: Some GENSEC questions

Kai Blin k.blin at
Sat Apr 8 18:29:09 GMT 2006

Hi folks,

before leaving for the weekend, I just wanted to thank Jelmer and Stefan
again for being really helpful on IRC.

I think I have sealing packages working now, with one small issue:

When wrapping up the package and decrypting it again, it seems like the
data is slightly changed. This is most likely due to me using a
DATA_BLOB in a way it shouldn't be used, as passing the decryted string
through another en/decryption check seem to leave it unchanged. Still,
I'd appreciate pointers as to what I'm doing wrong.

My output looks like:

The message is 'Hello world.'
ntlmssp_seal_data: seal
The decrypted data is 'Hello world.I'
ntlmssp_seal_data: seal
Data after passing back to client: 'Hello world.I'

This is created in the sendCrypt function of

Cheers and have a nice weekend,

Kai Blin, private email
Use extra care when cleaning on stairs.
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