Locking database cleanup?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Apr 8 11:51:36 GMT 2006

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Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> fre 2006-04-07 klockan 21:51 -0500 skrev Gerald (Jerry) Carter:
>> Just need to clarify that due to licensing reasons, sleepcat db
>> will never replace tdb.  Feel free to patch up Samba to use bdb
>> but realize that it will probably have to be maintained outside
>> of tree.
> I bit curious what license issues that may be. The license of BDB is
> fully GPL compatible these days, at least according to Sleepycat and my
> own understanding of the license conditions.

Did they change it?  It use to be GPL compatipable but only
available for certain uses.

> But I do agree that trying to switch from tdb to BDB 
> at this time is most likely not worth the effort.

We both agree here.  I just didn't didn't want people
to have the impression that a bdb patch would automatically
be accepted.  I like bdb.  I know some of the sleepycat
folks.  Really good engineers.  But tdb fits out purposes
better in this case.  And since tridge added the transaction
support to the tdb, it would make more sense to simply leverage

I should be expanded on my original mail more but I was
in a hurry.  Tridge did a good job of clarifying the
technical aspects as well.

cheers, jerry
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