Pb with server smb

Pierre Wilpotte pierre.wilpotte at univ-rennes1.fr
Wed Apr 5 15:04:39 GMT 2006


    I'm French (work for in university French), and I'm a problem with 
my server samba.

Indeed, the waiter samba works with CUPS for the management of the 
quotas of impressions and the division of the printers.
Our customers under Windows install printers via a script kix of 
connection.  (ADDPRINTERCONECTION), the drivers are on this server.
 But the processor smbd accumulates more and more and certain remainder 
to block and take all the power of the processor.

 My English is not terrible but I espere that you are able to understand 
me and that you will be able help me.  Namely how to kill the automatic 
processor smb for example. 

Thank you very much.


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