[PATCH] Fix dependencies in ldb subsystem

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at vernstok.nl
Sun Apr 2 23:31:52 GMT 2006

Tim Potter wrote:
> OK this isn't really a working patch, but I was wondering if anyone had
> any better ideas on how to fix this problem.
> Making ldb in to a library is a great idea, as it allows other
> components within Samba to depend on ldb without bringing in any other
> dependencies.  Unfortunately this is all messed up by the static modules
> outside of ldb that end up pulling in other code.
> I've started to try and tease this apart and have the subsystems that
> have their own special ldb modules to register them by hand.  Hey jelmer
> and metze, what do you think about this?
> My goal is to create a swig interface to ldb within Samba, but the
> static modules (wins, rootdse, etc) are getting in the way.
Are you sure that what you want isn't shared modules instead? Have you 
tried running ./configure.developer --enable-dso? That should be the 
default once we fix all corner cases :-)



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