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this is quoted from man smb.conf

> Windows clients can sometimes maintain a connection to
> the [homes] share, even though there is no user logged              
> in. Therefore, it is vital that the logon path does not
> include a reference to the homes share (i.e. setting
> this parameter to \%N\%U\profile_path will cause
> problems).

This is rather unclear to me and besides here is on '\' missing at 
the beginning. I think it should read:

(i.e. setting this parameter to \\%N\homes\profile_path will cause

> This option takes the standard substitutions, allowing
> you to have separate logon scripts for each user or
> machine.
> Warning
> Do not quote the value. Setting this as
> ``\\%N\profile\%U'' will break profile handling.

Since quotes are not special within sbm.conf this ist true for any 
other option as well. Why mention it here?

> Note that this option is only useful if Samba is set up as a
> logon server.
> Default: logon path = \\%N\%U\profile
> Example: logon path = >\\PROFILESERVER\PROFILE\%U

------------------------^ What does this mean?

thanks for yout attention


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