svn commit: samba r10365 - in branches/SAMBA_4_0/source: nsswitch winbind

tridge at tridge at
Wed Sep 21 03:08:16 GMT 2005


 > Use nsswitch/winbindd_nss.h in winbind/, update that file to the current 3_0
 > interface.

thanks. Even if we end up inventing some new format for this protocol
in the future, having the Samba3 one will help with easier upgrades,
so its good to start with that.

One suggestion though. I think you could change the 'fstring xx;'
elements to be 'char xx[256];' or add a new 'winbind_string'
typedef. The reason is that if someone innocently changes the length
of fstring (for example to work around a file name length limitation)
they would break the protocol for all existing clients, as blobs of
exactly 256 in length are sent in the protocol. 

This might be worth changing in the Samba3 header too, although you'd
need to be careful that there are no fstrcpy() calls that might get
caught by this (ie. a change in fstring length would then cause a
security hole instead of just breaking the protocol).

Obviously if/when someone does get inspired to come up with a better
protocol for the winbind pipe the first thing to go will be these
fixed length strings :-)

oh, and a very minor point, we try to use the more standard 'uint32_t'
style of type instead of 'uint32' now. It makes for better syntax
highlighting if nothing else.

Cheers, Tridge

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