Samba 4 build system - more thoughts on scons

tridge at tridge at
Mon Sep 19 01:24:04 GMT 2005


 > The dependency on python was a problem for some proprietary systems,
 > mostly as it is not as widely spread as perl. I'm not sure which ones
 > (AIX perhaps?) as I'm not into commercial unixes. Tim Potter did a
 > check on the buildfarm once, I think, and found that there were quite
 > some that did not have python.

yes, the biggest problem from my point of view is the build farm. It
would mean we lose a number of interesting systems from the farm.

If you can find a way to use scons but also allow us to still test on
the systems in the build farm that don't have python then I'd be happy
with the switch to scons.

Cheers, Tridge

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