Samba 4 build system - more thoughts on scons

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Sun Sep 18 16:53:52 GMT 2005


--- James Peach <jpeach at> wrote:
> I would generally support using something like scons on the basis that
> is it a system that is maintained and documented by some one else. I
> don't have any problem with requiring python provided there is a
> commitment to support the relatively old versions on python running on
> the more exotic platforms.

I doubt anyone would want to go for this but the ReactOS build system has alot of the features you
need and it written in C++ so it should not be too much trouble to extended it and support it on
other platforms. It uses a xml format for the input makefiles which is alot like Samba's format.
It support multiple compilers and has better dependancy tracking than make or gcc. Some of the
other features you need could be added with little trouble.


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