Custom fcntl call in Win32?

tridge at tridge at
Fri Sep 16 22:31:53 GMT 2005


 > Hmmm. Does not work. If you put in arbitrary values for dwIoControlCode they
 > don't show up in Filemon and not remotely. For example if I issue
 > FSCTL_GET_COMPRESSION then it shows up, but most other values I tried don't.

I guess windows must be filtering them, and only passing along
specific values. Strange!

The alternative would be to create a new pipe. I haven't done it, but
you should be able to just open "\pipe\mypipe" in win32 and write
arbiitrary data to it. Then you'd need to catch that pipe name in the
server and process it however you want. You could use RPC to provide
some formal structure on the pipe if you like, but as you were happy
with an ioctl() I'd guess you'd prefer just to write some raw data.

Cheers, Tridge

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