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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Sep 14 11:35:44 GMT 2005

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Guenther Deschner wrote:

| Wow! Do you plan to control samba subsystems
| using this interface as well?

Probably not.  Right now, the internal services
(NETLOGON, Spooler, RemoteRegistry) are required
by various tools. I had to include a method of
managing the spooler for printmig.  But that is
only on a per smbd basis.  Not globally.

The code has a set of start/stop/status function
pointers for each internal service.  So if anyone
can think of of a good definition of starting and
stopping [netlogon] and why you would need to do this,
we could implement it.

The external services will all be driven by the
system init scripts.  But I've yet to check if
there's any standard on return codes, etc...
or if we'll have to just state the behavior we
expect from the scripts and rely on the admin to
provide any local customization.

cheers, jerry
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