changes to .tdb files lost

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Fri Sep 9 11:06:48 GMT 2005

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Pierre Filippone wrote:

| Yes, reboot is required. After a smbd restart
| alone the changes are still there.
|>What platform is this?  COUld you retest with 'use mmap = no'
|>as well?
| We use SLES 9 SP 2. 'mmap = no' solves it.
| Meanwhile I found this in the msync man page:
|        msync  flushes  changes made to the in-core copy of a file
|        that was mapped into memory using mmap(2)  back  to  disk.
|        Without  use  of  this  call  there  is  no guarantee that
|        changes are written back before munmap(2) is  called.
| I tried an "msync(tdb->map_ptr, tdb->map_size, MS_SYNC);"
| right before the  munmap() in tdb/tdb.c and it fixes
| the problem. Changes are still there after reboot.
| The only thing that is strange, is that the mtime
| of account_policy.tdb still does not change.
| Maybe my first bug fix ? ;-)

Maybe :-)  One of the folks from SerNet have been
investigating this.  Thanks for the analysis.  We'll
make sure to follow up on this and probably post a
fix on the patches page sometime next week.

cheers, jerry
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