changes to .tdb files lost

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Thu Sep 8 15:50:34 GMT 2005

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Pierre Filippone wrote:

| So I switched off the disk controller's write cache,
| turned off journaling  (ext3->ext2), made the
| changes again and checked the results with "tdbdump
| account_policy.tdb", "pdbedit" and "net rpc rights
| list". All changes  (seemed to be) in there. Then I
| stopped samba ( kill -15 ) and rebooted again.
| Changes lost again.

Is a reboot required?  Or are the changes lost
on a smbd restart?

What platform is this?  COUld you retest with 'use mmap = no'
as well?

| So here are my questions:

| - In which intervals are the tdb files flushed to
| disk, especially account_policy.tdb ?

Tdb files are mmap()'d.  If there is any caching going on,
it has got to be in the file system.

| - Shouldn't the changes be synced to disk at least when
| samba is properly stopped ?

We just close the mmap()'d file.

| - Is it generally safe to install the tdb files on ext3
| with journaling turned on ?


| I read somewhere that Guenther Deschner made some patches
| to move those  policies to LDAP but I guess they did not
| make it into the release. Is it  planned to do that in
| the near future ? If so, I would probably wait
| before upgrading my domain controllers to the recent version.

Probably for 3.0.21.  Depends opn Guenther's workload :-)

cheers, jerry
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