[Ltp-coverage] lcov for Samba4, relitative names

Peter Oberparleiter peter.oberparleiter at de.ibm.com
Wed Sep 7 16:43:22 GMT 2005

 > Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>> I'm thinking we might just need a --base-dir option, or some such.

I've added a new option '--base-directory' to the CVS version of both 
lcov and geninfo. It can be used to specify the base directory when 
capturing code coverage data (the directory should be the same as the 
current working directory of gcc during compilation). The new code 
should be available via anynomous CVS in a couple of hours (see 
http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=3382 / module name is 'utils').

I've tested this version with SAMBA_4_0 by adding 
'--base-directory=${builddir}' to the modified torture/config.mk file. 
It works up to the point where generated source code files are 
referenced (lexx.yy.c, etc.). You may need to adjust the build process 
not to change those files or not to use the GCOV flags on them.

Hope this helps.

   Peter Oberparleiter

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