Samba-SVK-HOWTO for working against the anonymous svn trees

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Tue Sep 6 19:40:21 GMT 2005

Am Dienstag, 6. September 2005 18:52 schrieb derrell at
> "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry at> writes:
> Some additional text, assuming this is for general usage...
> > * Step 7: Create a patch for review
> >
> > Depending on how long, you may need to run 'svk sync' to
> > update the mirrored repo.
> After doing 'svk sync' it's of course a good idea to then do 'svk update'
> to get the recently-sync'ed-from-remote repository changes into the
> locally- checked-out copy, recompile and test again to ensure that there
> were no problems introduced by the sync, and then...

that's not correct, as you need to merge the upstream stuff to your local 
branch, so you need svk pull (which implies a svk sync):

1.)  svk pull //local/SAMBA_3_0 
      this only updates the local repository branch, not the checkout tree

2.) foo at LOCALHOST:/home/foo/samba/samba3-local>svk pull
    this is a shortcut for:
    svk sync -a && svk pull //local/SAMBA_3_0 && svk update

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