Samba-SVK-HOWTO for working against the anonymous svn trees

derrell at derrell at
Tue Sep 6 16:52:15 GMT 2005

"Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry at> writes:

Some additional text, assuming this is for general usage...

> * Step 7: Create a patch for review
> Depending on how long, you may need to run 'svk sync' to
> update the mirrored repo.

After doing 'svk sync' it's of course a good idea to then do 'svk update' to
get the recently-sync'ed-from-remote repository changes into the locally-
checked-out copy, recompile and test again to ensure that there were no
problems introduced by the sync, and then...

> Check your changes into the local branches (svk commit //local/SAMBA_3_0)
> and then push the changes to a patch.


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