Brad Henry j0j0 at
Sat Sep 3 21:43:27 GMT 2005


Here is are two patches for libnet_join.c and libnet_join.h against the 
SOC/SAMBA_4_0 branch (rev 9988) that fix the remaining libnet_join.c 
problems. The biggest issue I was having was realizing that I had to use 
mem_ctx rather than tmp_ctx for the libnet_RpcConnect() call. Without 
that, even though I was successfully keeping the samr_pipe and 
user_handle available across calls, the samr_pipe wasn't open.

The only thing that libnet_join.c doesn't do at this moment is the 
DsAddEntry() to create the CN=NTDS Settings container. I'm pretty 
confident that it won't be too hard to add, using the code that used to 
be in dssync.c.

I've made some other changes locally towards integrating it into the 
RPC-NETLOGON torture test to make sure that the code gets thoroughly 
tested, but I wanted to know your thoughts on this before I went too far.


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