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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Fri Sep 2 20:26:19 GMT 2005

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Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Yes I looked at it, it uses all the old client pipe interfaces
> which are now gone. Completely....
> Did you look at my branch ? :-).

Yes.  This *was* the discussion I've had with you about
exactly you were changing.  Old age must be getting to you.
It will be up to Chris to change the CacServerHandle to
use the new rpc client state structure instead of
cli_state*.   And we can temporarily disable the default
building of

> If this gets merged first, then I'll have to do the cleanup
> work as part of merging my branch. There won't be any work
> from Chris - I'll have to do it as his code will have "squatters
> rights" as it were :-). My code will break the build, not
> his.

Gah!  You whine to much :-)  We'll just disable
in the Makefile unless you run 'make libmsrpc'.  That way
Chris can take the time necessary to fix his code.  No
build breakage.  No merge conflicts.  Simple.

But if you still feel strongly about it, I'll wait.

cheers, jerry

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