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Sat Oct 29 00:41:46 GMT 2005

There was a discussion on IRC about what the 'NO_LDAP_SECURITY' #ifndef
in smbldap.c was about.

I figured it was worth clarifying for the list:

In testing Samba3, I did a lot of work as non-root, with Samba3 run from
inetd into my own user account.  This allowed easier access with gdb,
and tested the same code we have elsewhere to determine non-root
behaviours.  (This we require for the build farm, for example).

Our other pdb backeds check for access rights by file permissions, but
LDAP makes this more difficult, particularly with the very useful
persistent connections.  As such we have this:

	if (geteuid() != 0) {
		DEBUG(0, ("smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root..\n"));

This prevents non-root users from accessing ldap, and ensures therefore
that we must have deliberately bumped the user up to root, so they could
read smbpasswd, tdbsam or the ldap connection.  Otherwise, they only get
in if they are root.  Perhaps this is primitive, and no doubt real ACLs
would be a good thing, but it's what we have now.

Anyway, I wanted to bypass this for my development work, so added

Andrew Bartlett

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