[PATCH] Shared samba build

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Fri Oct 28 14:36:48 GMT 2005

[Attempted to be posted to gmane and mailed, but Mozilla decided to try 
to post it originally to the perl news server which rejected it. so I
do not know if a copy really got mailed or not]

Peter Novodvorsky wrote:

> I have spare alpha box standing in my house. I can set up build farm
> host if I someone could send me OpenVMS CDs.

To get set up for a home "Hobby" installation, OpenVMS needs license 
keys in addition to the media.

http://www.openvmshobbyist.org/ has the full details.

Getting the license keys generally requires being a member of an User 
Group, which in the U.S. has a free membership level.

Other countries may not have a free member ship level, and since the HP 
Hobbyist program is intended to be free to all, if that is a problem, 
the operators of the website can be contacted to work around the 
automatic system.

People in the comp.os.vms newsgroup can generally help with loans of 
media once they find out where you are located.

As rsync is not available in a usable form, and neither is a subversion 
client that I am aware of, I am not sure how well OpenVMS could 
participate in a build farm role at this time.

I am still putting in patches to the Open Source GNV tool kit and Perl 
to make progress for building Samba 4.

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