samba3 performance vs samba2

Tang, Yong Ping Yongping_Tang at
Tue Oct 25 01:30:25 GMT 2005

Dear all,
  I'm new to samba3 technical area.=20
  I did performance test on samba2.x and samba3.20b in a dell Optiplex =
170L PC with Linux 2.6.12 kernel. Testing tool is Iometer.
  The following is the performance of read & write:

samba2.x  read:  2.178037MBps	write: 2.227366 MBps
 samba3.20b read 1.942255MBps	write 1.886527 MBps

  my question is why samba3.20b is a bit slower in the same environment =
as samba2.x. does samba3 do some extra work? How to tune samba3 to =
achieve a similar performance as samba2.x?

thanks & regards,
Tang Yongping

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