samba on itanium w/ vms 8.2

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Sat Oct 22 03:26:11 GMT 2005

James Peach wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-10-21 at 15:09 +0200, rudy.campe at wrote:
>>Hello Jeremy,
>>We just bought an integrity Itanium HP server running VMS 8.2.
>>Do you know whether there will be a Samba version for Itanium please ?

> Samba definitely runs on itanium, though I don't know whether it
> supports VMS.

I found an almost identical copy of the original message sent to me.

There are two versions of SAMBA currently available for OpenVMS for VAX, 
Alpha and Itanium. both of the older 2.2.x streams.

No official support is available for either of them to my knowledge.

Also to my knowledge pre-built binaries for Itanium are not available.

Jean-Yves Collot did a port of SAMBA 2.2.8 to OpenVMS.  That version 
makes the assumption in most places that if it is not an Alpha it is a 
VAX.  As such it will work on OpenVMS on Itanium, but will generally be 
restricted to features available on the VAX platform.

A while back I updated that port to 2.2.12, to treat Itanium the same as 
Alpha and to use new features available in OpenVMS 8.2.  (source only)

However since then, Jean-Yves made some updates to his 2.2.8 port that I 
have not had time to incorporate in to the 2.2.12 release.

According recent posts on the SAMBA-VMS mailing list, Gorazd Kikelji has 
volunteered on a time available basis to remerge the 2.2.12 with the 
latest changes from Jean-Yves C2.2.8 version.

For HP OpenVMS plans for SAMBA, the most current URL is:

slide 38.

For those here that are not aware of it, there is a separate 
samba-vms(AT) with associated newsgroup to direct people asking 
about SAMBA for VMS on.

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