Heimdal prototype problem on OpenVMS

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Thu Oct 20 20:55:03 GMT 2005

Love wrote:
> "John E. Malmberg" <wb8tyw at qsl.net> writes:
>>It appears that I can not build the Heimdal library because it is
>>providing it's own prototypes for routines also supplied by standard C
>>library headers.
> [...]
>>Is there some reason that the standard definitions are not being used
>>and some way to get set this up to also build on OpenVMS?

> Add the missing autoconf tests ? The all compat functions are wrapped in
> #ifndef statements, and they need autoconftest to not be defined.

Configure is currently barely on speaking terms with me.  I have already 
notice that it's standard method of testing is with out the standard 
header modules present.

On the OpenVMS platform, this is almost guaranteed to have the tests 
produce incorrect results, because with out the header files, the 
compiler will use different rules to find the called routines than with 
the headers present because of conditional directives in the header
files control which variant of a routine to expose.

The OpenVMS behavior is to provide backwards compatibility with source 
code written before the ANSI and X/Open Standards.  Or to provide a bug 
compatible behavior that older programs came to expect before it was 
realized that it was a bug.

Because of that, it is likely that other platforms that also need to 
provide backwards compatibility are not ending up with the optimal 
results from running Configure.

My current work around is to back door the configure process with a CC 
alias that pulls the missing definitions back in so that the results are 
more sane.  But that also means that I also have to carefully check what 
Configure did.

Is there an interest in fixing Configure so that it actually is doing 
the tests in a way that are more likely to not have false failures?

If so, I can remove my hacks and work on fixing the tests as part of 
what I am doing.

> Or simply remove them from roken.h if they are not used by the
> kerberos/gssapi library.

Because the current build seems to create some source code on the fly, 
and I have yet to get a build done, I do not know if they are needed.
A simple search of the source code seems to indicate that they are not used.

Also, since OpenVMS already has Kerberos V5 included, do I even need to 
build the Heimdal version?

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