Apple OS X SMB issues across VPN

Dan Tappin dan at
Thu Oct 20 20:53:44 GMT 2005

On Oct 20, 2005, at 2:46 PM, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:

> Yep.  It's listening on both 139 and 445, but most of the clients are
> connecting to port 139.  At least one client ( is  
> connected
> to port 445.  Hmmm...
> Samba can handle that just fine, but it's worth keeping in mind.

If it matters the port 445 user is a XP user if that matters.

>> Yes that is the problem exactly.  The local LAN 192.168.0.* is fine
>> but the VPN LAN 192.168.2.* is awful.  They can see the shares but
>> directory listings / transfers are unusable.
> Are file transfers slow as well, or are they working correctly?

It's all bad.

> Also, is it only Mac to Mac or are Windows clients also having trouble
> talking to the Xserve?

I took my Powerbook down there and it was slow also.  I need to test  
it again to be sure but I thought that my OS X system was a tad  
faster.  Still painfully slow but faster.

The native Windows to Windows file sharing is not an issue.  If a  
client on the downtown LAN shares a folder the VPN user can access  
the share with decent, usable speeds.  Also our old Dell fileserver  
running Samba 2.x works well across the VPN also.

>> tcpdump is standard on OS X but I'm at a loss as to which CLI options
>> I need to add to get the data you are looking for.
> # tcpdump -i <interface> -s0 -w capture.cap host

This is on the Xserve right?... with <interface> being my LAN  
connection en0 I believe.

Dan T

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