Account lock out issue with cifsfs ?

Jeremy Allison jra at
Thu Oct 20 18:45:10 GMT 2005


	I'm here at the NAS conference and a large customer (Intel)
said that they'd had a problem with CIFS on Linux (almost certainly
with smbfs, not sure about cifsfs) - an EMC person also reported the
same problem.

What happens is an automounter mounts a remote cifs drive from a 
Windows box, eventually the inactivity timer unmounts the drive,
but the users credentials are still cached in the kernel.

The user then changes their password on the AD DC, and at a later
time a cron job or other activity causes the drive to be remounted.

The cached credentials are wrong of course, and so what happens is
the client keeps retrying the sessionsetup (getting password errors
each time of course) until the account gets locked out at the DC.

Does CIFSFS handle this - ie. do you treat "bad user/password"
specially and abort the retry ? I had a quick look in the code
but couldn't see that case being handled.

Let me know,



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