build Samba3 with Solaris ldap library

Дейтер Александр Ва Дейтер Александр Ва
Thu Oct 20 18:16:12 GMT 2005

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

>>>Kudos on the patch.  I'll review it and see what we need to
>>>do to get it into 3.0.21.
>>Can i help you and make a patch for 3.0.21RC1 ?
> Yeah.  If the patch needs to be fixed to apply cleanly to
> 3.0.21pre1, then that would be a big help.

file samba-3.0.21pre1-sun-ldap.patch attached to:

patch tested with Solaris 9/04 + Sun One Directory Server 5.2


Alex Deiter

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