SASL EXTERNAL in smbldap.c

Alexey Lobanov A.Lobanov at
Wed Oct 19 19:38:06 GMT 2005

Hello all.

I found a quite interesting strings in smbldap.c:

 connect to the ldap server under system privilege.
static int smbldap_connect_system(struct smbldap_state *ldap_state, LDAP
* ldap_struct)


/* removed the sasl_bind_s "EXTERNAL" stuff, as my testsuite
(OpenLDAP) doesnt' seem to support it */

The questions are: who and when wrote it? And how to see this stuff
again? SASL EXTERNAL works fine in modern Linux-based systems, both
through Unix sockets (ldapi://) and through SSL (ldaps://).

The aim is obvious: to remove plaintext administrative passwords from
any files...


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