Samba4 Configure fails with case insensitive file systems.

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Wed Oct 19 15:08:20 GMT 2005

Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> John E. Malmberg wrote:
>>use config qw(%config);
>>This fails on OpenVMS because the access to the file system by
>>default is case insensitive on lookups and Perl has a module
>>"Config" which is found first in the default search list.
>>Adding a "-I." to the Perl command changes the search list so that
>>the samba is found first.
> I've now fixed it to generate a config.status with the -I. included
> (see r11182)

Thanks, I will test that tomorrow.  Because I do not yet have RSYNC 
fully functional, I get the SAMBA4 source updates at midnight through a 
cron job on a LINUX system.

The timing is good, as OpenVMS requires Perl 5.9.3 Patch 25801 or later 
to actually run the SAMBA 4 perl scripts at the configure step, and that 
change just showed up yesterday evening. :-)

Now to see if I can make something.

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