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Release Announcements

This is a preview release of the Samba 3.0.21 code base and
is provided for testing only.  This release is *not* intended
for production servers.  There has been a substantial amount
of development since the 3.0.20 stable release series.  We
would like to ask the Samba community for help in testing
these changes as we work towards the next official, production
Samba 3.0 release.

Common bugs fixed in 3.0.21pre1 include:

	o Missing groups in a user's token when logging
	  in via kerberos
	o Incompatibilities with newer MS Windows hotfixes
	  and embedded OS platforms

New features introduced in Samba 3.0.21pre1 include:

	o Complete NTLMv2 support by consolidating
	  authentication mechanism used at the CIFS and
	  RPC layers.
	o The capability to manage Unix services using
	  the Win32 Service Control API.
	o The capability to view external Unix log files
	  via the Microsoft Event Viewer.
	o New libmsrpc share library for application
	o Rewrite of CIFS oplock implementation.

smb.conf changes

	Parameter Name         Action
	--------------         ------
	eventlog list          New
	iprint server          New
	map read only          New
	rename user script     New
	svcctl list            Renamed from 'enable svcctl'

Download Details

The uncompressed tarball and patch files have been signed
using GnuPG (ID F17F9772).  The source code can be
downloaded from:

The release notes are available online at:

Binary packages are available at

Our Code, Our Bugs, Our Responsibility.

			The Samba Team
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