Debug binaries...

Raymond Lillard rlillard at
Tue Oct 18 22:04:13 GMT 2005

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> I was thinking, we ( publish binary packages
> for popular platforms for a release, but we don't build
> these with the -g (symbols debug) that we commonly ask
> for when people are having crash/hanging problems.
> Should we, in addition to the platform binary packages,
> also create samba-debug-XXX packages, not stripped,
> compiled with -g and with all symbols complete ?

Speaking as a part-time sysadm and tech@ lurker, I don't
think the benefit justifies the effort.  To my observation,
the "rpm -Uvh" only types rarely present problems which
require that level of troubleshooting and are often not
able to do it when asked.  I'm sure it would be useful on
some occasions, but in general, not worth the trouble.

I would rather see the effort spent on product development.

Thanks to the developers for a great product.


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