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Brian Moran bmoran at
Tue Oct 18 21:22:55 GMT 2005

Having the 'reference' version would be useful to us... we sometimes
find stuff that we're not sure is self-inflicted (in our builds), and
then we have go back and repro in the 'released' version.  We don't
always have the last released version available, which can slow down the
repro by hours.

Storage is not that expensive, seems like the utility might outweigh the

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Jeremy Allison wrote:
| I was thinking, we ( publish binary packages
| for popular platforms for a release, but we don't build
| these with the -g (symbols debug) that we commonly ask
| for when people are having crash/hanging problems.
| Should we, in addition to the platform binary packages,
| also create samba-debug-XXX packages, not stripped,
| compiled with -g and with all symbols complete ?
| That way if someone has a problem with Samba, we can
| ask them to swap in the debug package (which is the
| same version of Samba) and reproduce the bug - then
| we'll have all the info we need to fix problems.
| Of course I'm not voluenteering to do the work for
| this :-), so take this suggestion with the contempt
| it deserves..... But it struck me as possibly a
| good idea.

I'm not willing to go there yet.  Just more work for
little payoff.  Is './configure --enable-debug' really so hard?

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