libmsrpc SAMBA3->TRUNK patch

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Oct 18 12:50:33 GMT 2005

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Chris Nicholls wrote:
|> Looks pretty good.  I cleaned up the Makefile so that the
|> static version of the library is built.  There was a second
|> rule for libmsrpc.a that was overridding the legitimate one.
|> I'm going to go ahead and check this in for 3.0.21pre1.
| I'd like to look at the talloc stuff next - removing
| the talloc context  as a formal paramter and make better
| use of the talloc features.   Unfortunately I won't be able
| to get a substantial amount of work done on this before
| the weekend, but i'm hoping I can find an hour or two
| before then to at least come up with a plan.
| Now that I think about it though, didn't we originally
| decide to have  the talloc context as a formal parameter
| to make libmsrpc similar to the  rpc IDL stuff in Samba4?
| I'd say other than that there isn't really any
| reason to keep it is a parameter.  Any thoughts?


If we can ensure that the CacServerHandle is talloc()'d
(for example in cac_NewServerHandle() ), then we can remove
the mem_ctx from the interface and just use that we we need
ctx pointer.  This is the simpliest way to go IMO.

cheers, jerry
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